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Dr. Carmine Simone’s office is located at Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) in the Chest Centre which is located on G2. Patients must first register in the Admitting Department on the main floor prior to registering in the clinic. The hosptal is undergoing major redevelopment and construction on the corner of Sammon Avenue and Coxwell Avenue. As a result parking is limited around the hospital. We apologoze for this temporary inconvenience.



Dr. Simone’s office assistant, Leila, is available in the office from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Thursday and from 9:00 to Noon on Friday. She can be reached via SMS (or text) at 416-465-9133 or by email at




Due to the nature of Dr. Simone’s practice he may be called away for emergencies, which may interrupt the clinic or office appointments.


If you are doctor and wish to refer patients to Dr. Carmine Simone, you can do so in the following ways:


  • Direct to office: Fax the office at 416-465-9584. If long distance - you can use our toll free fax 1-844-300-4543. Please use our Referral Form
  • Odette Cancer Centre: You can arrange via our office or fax consultation directly to Odette Cancer Centre using the Odette Cancer Center Referral Form
  • Royal Victoria Hospital: You can arrange via our office or fax directly to Royal Victoria Hospital using the RVH Intake Referral Form
  • Referring patients to Michael Garron Hospital Time to Treat Program: You can arrange via our office or fax directly using the MGH Referral Form



Please provide the following information on any referral:

Patent name, date of birth, address, all telephone contact information, OHIP number with version code and a brief referral letter outlining the problem.





(L to R) Dr. N. Safieddine, Dr. R. Zeldin, Dr. C. Simone, Dr. S. Gazala




Dr. Simone with Minister of Health Deb Metthews in the new Surgicentre



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